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Morning Skincare Routine

I thought of sharing the products i use every single day and I religiously follow all these steps every morning . Before going into that let me talk about my skin. I have a combination skin, I am oily in my T-zone and slightly dry in my under-eye area and around my nose.

First and foremost i use a gentle cleansing foam to wash my face . I use Garnier Soothing Face wash with Orange fruit water for Normal skin. You need a very little of this product as it foam very well.

 Second step i do after my shower is tone my face using a non-alcohol based toner . I use Plum goodness Green tea toner which is perfect for this summer and they are parabens and SLS free . You just need to apply toner by patting it into your skin using your palms so that the product gets completely penetrated into your skin.
The third step is to apply a good moisturizer which will really give you that extra moisture boost to your skin. I use The Face Shop - Chia Seed Hydrating Emulsion which will give your skin a heal…

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